How to Balance your Masculine and Feminine Energy for Greater Happiness

Whether you are single or in a relationship you’ve probably noticed some behaviours within yourself that are inherently masculine or feminine. This goes for both men and women – we all have a bit of each within us.  

As a tomboy-ish female, I have recently become much more aware of my masculine-dominant behaviours and how these have affected my relationships (not in a good way!). I pay this back to being single for the past 8 months and having a LOT of time to think about it. Having come across this idea of gender-based energy through my incessant listening to self-development podcasts it has given me clarity and understanding of my own behaviours and shaped the way I think about my actions as a singleton. It has also given me some ammo to take into my next relationship (with whoever that lucky human is). Let me tell you a bit about the energy concept and share some tips on how to balance yours.

Masculine Energy is all about being action-orientated -a ‘doer’, usually characterised by competitiveness, directness and taking risks. As an A-type female, more in my masculine energy, I have a hard time letting guys do anything for me when in relationships (“I can open my own door, thanks”). I actually thought this was somehow attractive to men, (independent woman and all that) however apparently men like to be needed and sometimes you’ve got to give them a chance to earn their man points!

Feminine energy is all about receiving, feeling, is usually creative and is rooted in intuition. Since my singledom ensued a break-up from a man very much in his masculine, I have become sooo much better at understanding feminine energy and have reassessed how I could have used my feminine energy to soften a lot of situations where we found ourselves butting heads.

Recently I have become obsessed with yoga which has brought me naturally to my meditation practice and allowed me to better trust my intuition and just ‘be’ without having to ‘do’ anything.  

As complex humanoids we will be always be a blend of both energies which can vary based on the time of day. You might be more in your masculine energy while working your stressful job all day, but switch to being more in your feminine when you get home.

If you are like me and live life a little masculine dominant – here are some tips to get your feminine on:

  • Practice downtime – yoga/meditation/breathing/take a long bath
  • Drop your guard
  • Trust your intuition
  • Be patient/calm
  • Be open to feedback – don’t launch straight into self-defence mode
  • Forgiveness – Let go of any past trauma, suffering, pain, anyone who has hurt you. Resentment does nothing to serve you, learn to appreciate what the experience taught you and let it go.
  • Practice gratitude
  • Let your partner take the lead (let them open that door for you)

Yoga and meditation have served me no end, but you might like to think about getting into a creative hobby like painting, photography, writing, music etc. which will bring out your feminine energy.

If you are in a relationship you can probably pin down which energy dominates your partner’s behaviours. If your significant other is mostly in their masculine they will want to feel needed and will have trouble being criticised or controlled. They will thrive from having an open feminine energy around them.

If your partner is more in their feminine they will want to feel protected, nurtured and appreciated in the relationship. A woman operating in her feminine will not let something go until they feel they have been understood. Listen and communicate patiently.

When masculine and feminine energy come together, passionate relationships are formed! The understanding of your own and your partner’s energy and learning how to balance it out can lead to a happier relationship and happier life.

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