Healthy, Radiant Skin – from Morning to Night

For any person who cares about their appearance, skincare usually takes priority. If we want to keep it looking radiant, it’s important to give it exactly what it needs so it can remain healthy. But interestingly, what our skin needs changes during the day, so our morning and evening rituals should have some significant differences. If you’re a bit confused about why on earth you should have specific routines for the day and the night, don’t worry. It’s nothing complicated, and we’re here to explain everything.

In the Morning

Mornings are usually stressful and rushed. It’s understandable that we just want to get things done and be on our way to work. Luckily, your morning routine is actually simpler and you won’t need too much time to prepare your skin for the day. Start off with a gentle cleanser to remove all the sweat from your face (particularly if you like a morning workout), and then use your favourite toner to refresh your skin.

After this, all you need is a daytime moisturizer for your skin type and an SPF cream. Or, if you want to save even more time, simply get a moisturiser which already contains a broad-spectrum SPF. And that’s pretty much it, unless you have issues with under-eye bags. If that’s the case, a couple of cooled down tea bags that you’ve kept in your fridge for twenty minutes can do the trick.

During the Day

Technically, we should be reapplying our sunscreen every two hours, but that is most important for situations where you plan to spend all day in the sun. Don’t get us wrong, you do need to apply your sunscreen religiously, but if you wear makeup, or simply have problems with breakouts and the greasy sheen on your face, you probably won’t use it every two hours.

The solution?

  • Stay away from the sun as much as possible
  • Try an SPF misting spray. It protects your skin, it’s easy to reapply, and it can work well to set and refresh your makeup.

Skin mists are great, as they protect the skin from daily environmental aggressors . This kind of skincare feels glorious on the skin and can give it that extra little touch of hydration. Think of it as a ‘drink for your skin’.

In the Evening

In the evening when we are finally done with our chores for the day, it’s time to take some enjoyable and luxurious care of our pretty faces. Remove your makeup with micellar water, or use an oil-based makeup remover if you wear a lot of eye makeup. The next step is your cleanser to get rid of oil, dirt and any traces of makeup left. The evening is also the time when you should exfoliate and unclog your pores.

Don’t exfoliate in the morning because facial scrubs basically remove a layer of dead skin cells from our faces, and they leave our skin slightly red and irritated. Our skin needs some time to calm down, and no one wants to face the day with a red face! Now you can use a toner and gently dab it over your face, but this step is optional.

After this, it’s time to target our skin’s specific issues. Serums can be of immense help for wrinkled skin, so find a vitamin C-based serum to ward off signs of aging and help your skin retain elasticity. Those who suffer from acne should use skin treatments and target any spots or large breakout areas. After the serum, apply a rich moisturiser and you’re finally done.

This kind of skincare routine may seem elaborate, but it’s actually really simple once you get used to it. Of course, you do whatever you think works for your face and skip any steps you don’t think help you much, except for sunscreen. Don’t skip that! Otherwise, stick to these simple rules and test what works for you. It’s all about trying and learning. Remember to provide your skin with some extra nourishment once a week by applying a facial mask and relax as you enjoy the pampering.


Post thanks to our guest blogger: Amy Mia Goldsmith of High Style Life

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