Friday Ramblings and Realisations

Wine is to Friday like coffee is to chocolate. I’m usually out and about on a Friday; whether it’s wining and dining clients, catching up with friends, or trying to find my new ‘Mr Right’ (I’ve been on more dates than Carrie Bradshaw and Taylor Swift combined). But some nights, my favourite thing to do is pour a glass of wine, light a candle, crank some chilled tunes and ramble about nothing in-particular.

As I sit here, my younger brother (he just turned 25) is asking me where he should host his party in Sydney in a month’s time. He wants to know ‘where it’s great to dance but is also classy’. I have to say this query has really caught me off guard and made me realise I must be getting seriously old. I don’t even recall the last time I went out and danced! I can tell you where to go out and drink (and get very drunk – the older you get, the more wine you require) and then I can tell you how to get back to the beach and attempt to go midnight swimming in said drunken state. I can show you how to make a meal out of the only 3 ingredients left in the fridge (usually hummus, wine and chili). But…dancing???? Wow, who have I become?

So maybe I am getting old, but I have also had a late 20’s breakthrough today. My mum always told me “one day you get to the point where you actually start to feel comfortable in your own body”. I never believed her. I didn’t think this could actually happen. I didn’t think you could like yourself without wanting to change something. But honestly, just in the last week – I’ve realised you can. I don’t know what it was; maybe a recent relationship that turned out not to be a relationship, maybe realising I’m great at my job, maybe realising I’m worth more than the way men have been treating me. I’m just happy all of a sudden. I don’t want to be anyone else. I’m really enjoying just doing my thing.

I think you reach an age where you just grow into your own skin. You recognise yourself for who you are and you like who you are. I can’t imagine being anyone else and why the hell would I want to?! Even if I am old and don’t know where the cool places to dance are anymore 😉

Happy Friday!


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